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Technical expertise and procedural rigour perfectly matched to the latest technologies.

Discover new ways to

  • Manage evidence throughout the EDRM lifecycle
  • Integrate new tech with existing processes
  • Implement and monitor organisation-wide policies
  • Automate repetitive, low-level tasks
  • Bridge forensics and e-discovery systems

From collection to archiving.

Our Services


Design, implementation, and monitoring of organisation-wide policies for identification, collection, processing and review of investigatory material.


We draw on our extensive experience to help our clients develop strategies for large-scale, high-profile investigations.


Cost-savings and efficiencies through workflow and process optimisation and automation. Empower your users to add value through inference, analytic and problem solving instead of performing repetitive low-level tasks.


We scope, design, test, implement and validate robust and defensible platform migration processes using industry-proven methodologies alongside our collection of cutting-edge data processing tools.

Data Scalability

Our data analytics and machine learning tools are designed to scale alongside the ever-increasing volumes of evidential data. We can help clients implement new, or integrate existing technologies into existing systems and working practices.


We offer specialist support services throughout the entire EDRM lifecycle, for cloud or on-premise e-discovery applications, alleviating resource constraints and providing peace of mind when vendor support contracts expire.

Policy and Strategy

Our digital forensic experts help clients in the formation, development, and delivery of practice manuals, standard operating procedures, as well as evidence collection, investigation, review and reporting strategies.


Solutions for the implementation of automated workflows to consolidate current working practices, alleviate resource constraints, and enhance processing defensibility.

Systems Integration

Achieve better efficiencies through cross-platform integration. Reductech has unparalleled expertise in developing and integrating scripts, applications and APIs that help clients bridge both new and legacy forensic and e-discovery platforms.

Subject Matter Expertise

Our team of subject matter experts, consists of individuals with a proven track record of conducting forensic artefact research, can assist you in performing host-based, mobile phone, network and live examinations.

Our Products

Optimisation, orchestration, and observability across all your e-discovery and forensic workflows.


End-to-end evidence management, analytics, and reporting. At any scale.

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