Your lab, supercharged

The Forensic Operations Platform


Increase processing throughput and reduce frequency of processing errors by standardising and automating your e-discovery and forensic workflows.


Seamlessly combine your favourite e-discovery and forensic applications into unified data processing pipelines. Improve hardware utilisation whilst simplifying your toolchain.


Enhance defensibility with a single source of truth for the entire evidence lifecycle. Make better-informed, data-driven decisions throughout your investigations.

Manage the entire evidence lifecycle

Automation and visibility across all the tools and applications in your lab

  • Gain visibility and insight into your investigations lifecycle

  • Ensure defensibility with consistent, dependable workflows

  • Integrate out-of-the-box with your favourite applications

  • Enable task-specific permissions-based workflows in your lab

  • Reduce severity and frequency of processing errors

  • Empower technicians by eliminating repetitive processes

Forensync Overview View

Create repeatable, defensible workflows

Empower users with self-service automation

  • Create and curate a library of workflows that span multiple applications

  • Improve processing quality and reliability through standardisation

  • Eliminate mistakes from repetitive, manual processes

  • Significantly shorten the feedback loop and increase processing throughput

  • Automatically maintain a single source of truth for the entire evidence lifecycle

Forensync Sources View

Connector ecosystem

Seamless end-to-end forensic and e-discovery automation

Endless extensibility

  • Forensync's automation features are built using Sequence, an open-source SDK designed for bridging data-intensive applications.

  • Sequence has a rich connector ecosystem for popular forensic and e-discovery data formats and applications.

  • The REST connector allows Forensync to integrate with any OpenAPI endpoint.

  • The Singer connector transforms Forensync into a Singer sink, providing data connectivity to any Singer Tap.

  • Sequence is fully extensible, providing all the tools required to develop bespoke connectors to any application.

See across processes, applications and infrastructure

Forensync Timeline View

Higher-order visibility for the entire evidence lifecycle

  • Improve defensibility with robust auditing, logging, and reporting

  • View and share progress using case and data source timelines

  • Automatically collect and aggregate logs from all of your lab's applications

  • Seamlessly run processing workflows across Windows, Linux, physical or virtual machines, or containers

  • Boost resource utilisation and make better use of hybrid infrastructure



£ 3,400
/ month

  • Integrate into existing infrastructure
  • Easily automate and orchestrate workflows
  • Repeatable, defensible cross-application processing
  • Rich connector ecosystem


£ 4,800
/ month

  • Everything in Headless
  • Rich and intuitive user interface
  • Case and data source timelines
  • Version control and diff views for workflows
  • Analytics for the entire evidence lifecycle


£ 6,800
/ month

  • Everything in Standard
  • Immutable data storage
  • Manage on-premise or cloud infrastructure
  • Automated worker scaling