About Us

Technology is at the heart of everything we do

Reductech use technology to abstract the minutiae of the forensic and e-discovery lifecycle, empowering users to add value through inference, analytics and problem solving instead of performing repetitive low-level tasks, and enabling all stakeholders to make better-informed decisions with greater clarity and pace. We do this in an accessible and auditable way, ensuring that the processes and procedures that we implement are easily understood, robust and defensible.

Drawing on 15 years of industry experience

Reductech advise a broad range of stakeholders, from forensic technicians and e-discovery reviewers to senior management and board-level executives, on all aspects of the forensic and e-discovery lifecycle, and help organisations to:

Develop & Implement

Company-wide policy and strategy


New and existing technologies


Review and administrative workflows

Create, Maintain & Audit

Evidentially sound processes

Make Best Use of

Existing and emerging technologies including TAR and ML

Migrate Data

Between legacy and on-premise or cloud platforms



In algebra, a reduct is a structure derived from another structure by removing some of the operations without altering the result; it's the opposite of expansion. That's what we do - we use technology to reduct your workflows, processes, and procedures, saving you money, time and effort. Oh, and the name Reductech is a reduct of Reduct and Tech.

Do you work with Government?

Yes! We're on G-Cloud 11, offering support, consultancy and migration services for e-discovery and forensics.

Anything else?

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